How Healthcare Recruiters Work and What to Look For Before Hiring Them

The health care sector in the US has experienced a shortage of nurses in recent years, with more vacancies opening up. The job market is also characterized by fluctuations especially win between seasons. Many nurses experience burnout, some retire while others choose to work part-time or as temporary staff. For any employer looking to hire staff in such conditions, it might be a challenge. However, with the help of useful resources such as unihcr, you are guaranteed staffing solutions that match your hiring needs.

How do recruitment agencies help?

The main job of health care staffing agencies in the US is to place nurses and other health care professionals in facilities that have problems with finding short-tea, Lon-term, temporary or permanent staff. Staffing agencies like unihcr not only help you recruit staff locally but also internationally. In fact, international nurses are mostly sought after to fill in the gap in the market. However, it would cost you more as an employer if you decided to hire internationally from scratch. This is where the services of an experienced health care staffing agency come in handy. They will sponsor the professional’s visa and you only have to pay a flat fee to them.

Placement types

When choosing a health care staffing agency, you might want to consider the kind of placements they do. These are many and depending on your needs, you may want to hire on a per diem basis, or not. Per diem placements are usually short-term contracts that could last a day or weeks. Another placement option is travel nursing, which requires a nurse to work in various locations at a time. Their contracts are also short-term. Temporary and permanent placements are the most popular ones, with nurses and employees preferring these contracts for the stability they offer.

What to look for in a nurse staffing agency

Once you decide to hire staff using a recruitment agency like, you should consider several factors. Obviously, you should consider whether they have a good reputation in the health care sector. The agency you choose should be an industry leader with years of experience in job placement. You should also consider the turnaround time of the agency. If you are looking for staff to urgently fill a position, you cannot rely on an agency that usually takes 3 months to finish the recruitment process. You also need to consider their fees. Depending on your budget, you can shop around for agencies whose services are reasonably priced.