Why You Need a Tax Attorney

Tax is complicated for most people and is considered too technical by some. Most people, especially business owners, do not know the first thing about filing their taxes or the implications of not being up to speed with their taxes. Failure to file taxes properly and keep records can lead to legal issues, including penalties. To avoid such issues, hiring the services of a lawyer is important. Law firms such as Dallo Law Group which provide specialist tax services should be on your priority list.

How can a tax lawyer help you?

One of the services offered by a tax specialist is income tax return filing. A specialist is not only knowledgeable about tax laws but also the penalties related to non-compliance. They can guide you on how to file your income tax return every year. For business owners, finding a good tax attorney is important to ensure that you keep all your records and that you do not attract scrutiny from the IRS.

Another benefit of hiring a tax specialist is that when you get into trouble with the IRS, they can defend you. Tax audit representation is not just done by anyone. While there are good audit firms around, a tax specialist with audit experience is your best bet when you encounter issues with the IRS. Your tax attorney will help you negotiate a comprise, a penalty reduction, or an agreement on how to pay in installments.

Tax specialists can also help you plan your taxes in a legal manner. If you have business operations abroad, they will also advise you on issues such as transfer pricing. A good tax specialist is one who gives you valuable information while highlighting risks and opportunities for you and your business, considering that part of the plan is to make profits but doing it in a legal manner. They can also advise you on tax avoidance and evasion, as well as the risks involved. If you have employees they can also help you figure out remitting pay as you earn (PAYE) for them.

Dallow Law Group has vast experience dealing with businesses and individuals on their tax matters. With their experience and expertise, you can maintain a clean tax record or reach a preferable settlement if the IRS comes knocking on your door. do not hesitate to contact the professionals for any tax-related queries.

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