Why you Should Consider Raw Dog Food For Your Dog

The dog is a carnivore = meat eater. All digestion is geared towards raw meat and offal. However, in the widespread dry fodder, the grain is the main component of many products for cost and production reasons. The dog can only use this poorly. It is suspected that the enormous increase in so-called “lifestyle diseases” in dogs, such as allergies, diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system as well as the kidneys and pancreas, growth disorders, cancer, etc. in the past few decades with the now widespread diet of the dog Dogs related to industrial feed. What is also striking is the rapidly increasing proportion of overweight dogs, which can be explained, among other things, by the high ratio of carbohydrates in the finished feed.

What are the advantages of raw dog food feeding?

Less susceptibility to disease and better performance

Allergies improve significantly or arise less.

Less restlessness and better satiety

Significantly lower amounts of feces (only approx. 30-40%)

Hardly any excess weight

Nice fur

Less joint pain

Less tartar and bad breath

The raw dog food nutrition concept is based on the natural eating habits of the wolf, the dog’s ancestor. And by preparing the food for their dog themselves, the owner can also be sure of what the dog is consuming, which is not always the case with industrially produced dog food. If you want to try this form of nutrition, you should inquire beforehand how properly you bark and what you have to pay attention to so that the dog eats adequate and appropriate food.

Why is finished feed so popular?

Through intensive advertising and sponsorship from veterinarians, the pet food industry has succeeded in making many dog and cat owners believe that their animals can only be adequately fed with dry food. How did the animals survive 60 years ago when there was still no industrially produced food? Pets are – supported by advertising – humanized; the needs of the animals are adapted to those of the people. But it is not like that; animals are independent beings with their own needs and like things that we cannot understand and sometimes find disgusting. It is also very convenient to put the bag or can up and down in the bowl. With ready-made industrial food, the focus is not on the dog but the person!

Newly-baked dog owners are often unsettled. What does my new family member need, and what do I have to pay attention to?